Rental Terms & Conditions

Patmos Island Car Rental Terms & Conditions

We request that you carefully read the following rental terms and conditions, which apply to all car rental vehicles. If you have any questions regarding the rental terms & conditions of the vehicle, please ask us before signing the contract.

Minimum Rental Period: 1  day

Driver’s Age: All drivers should be over 23 year’s old keeping the driver’s license at least for one year.

Driver’s License: All drivers should hold a valid driver’s license for at least one year. An international driver’s license is required for all drivers who do not come from member states of the EU. International Driver’s Licenses are valid in over 150 countries and include  information about the holder written in Latin characters, as well as a photo  of the driver.

Fuel: The car’s is offered with a full deposit on the first day of rental.  This is how it should be returned.  Any diffence upon return of the vehicle will be covered by the renter.

Traffic Violations & Fines: traffic tickets and  administrative sanctions incurred during the rental period are the  responsibility of the renter. If they are not taken care of by the end of the  rental period, the authorities will request the renter’s details and the fine
will be sent by post.

Methods of Payment & Accepted Credit Cards: Renters  can pay in CASH or via credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Other means of payment are not  accepted.

Taxes: All  car rental rates include 24%   VAT.

Personal Data: The Lessee hereby consents to his/her data being duly and lawfully recorded. It is expressly understood that the Lessor shall be entitled to make use of such data in case of unlawful actions or omissions of the Lessee or in the event of the latter being in breach of the terms of this lease agreement.

Rentals Outside Patmos: renters are not permitted to take  rented vehicles outside Patmos island.

All  car rental rates include:
–  Unlimited kilometres
– Delivery & collection to/from CHRISTINA GIANAROU CAR RENTALS
– Baby seats
– Second driver in  contract
– 24% VAT

Our insurance coverage is not valid for damage:
– to  the underside of the car and the tires caused by driving on non-paved roads
– to the mirrors of the car
– due to the driver drivig under the influence of either alcohol or drugs
– caused by persons not stated in the rental contract as drivers of the rental car

Insurances &  Excess Amounts

1)  Simple (Third Part) Insurance Cover
What’s Covered?
Covers third parties in case of death or body injuries, including passengers, when using our vehicle and material damages to third parties up to the minimum amount provided under Greek law.

What’s not covered?
Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle.
Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle
Death or injury to the driver
Damages on the rental vehicle

2) C.D.W. Insurance Cover
What’s Covered?
If the rental car is damaged (except by attempted theft), the renter has to pay up to the amount of 500 euros.

What’s not Covered
C.D.W.  insurance coverage is not valid for  damage:
– to  the underneath of the car and the tires caused by driving  on non-paved roads
– to the mirrors, the antenna and the top of the  car
– due to the driver being under the influence of either alcohol or  drugs
– caused by persons not stated in the rental contract as drivers  of the rental car
– theft or attempted theft of the vehicle
– theft of personal belongings from the vehicle